This is a simple tale of what happens when ideas get discarded and go looking for their purpose in life. Told through the eyes of a robot. ~Journey Completed~ (thanks for reading ^.^)

Updates and things

Check check. Is this thing on?

*ahem* So. Not that many things have gone the way I want them to. Dead computer. Finicky new computer. Tablet deciding it hated everything and everyone. Flash dying. Fixing Flash. Flash refusing to work the way I want it to. A scanner that just flat out doesn't OBEY. And we're back in July.

I'm not giving up. I do need to finish this story. I'm about to start updating again, but I felt I needed to say a few things. One is that pretty much everything digital in the name of ever has been giving me issue upon issue. I'm far too impatient and a tad bit lazy not to beg and whine until I figure out what I can do to make digital media let me back into its heart. So there will be changes similar to but not the same as the last two pages. I'm not entirely proud of them either. The whole meaning of this was to get out a story.

Its helped me a lot in a lot of ways, and I thank you guys for sticking with me through this thing. Trust will be the last chapter. It pains me that I have to swap a lot of things at the last second, but still. I'm pretty satisfied.

Forward, yes?

Updates and such

Ok, so uh, June. I went a little crazy and I joined June Jubilee and the June NaNoManGo. Why? Well, with JJ, I feel obligated to. The original MM!, as you know, was where I spring boarded SP, because I had been several years with several discarded comics and not a thing to show for it besides vague ideas of what could have been. A year later, continuity aint bad and, despite a pretty long hiatus, I'm still going.

NaNoManGo? Well, the rules are different. And I like the idea. I've been grappling with the whole digital thing for a while, and I think this just might be the way to get the style I want for more 'serious' media, so to speak. Not more important, just a more 'mature' tone? That's not right either. But the thought is there.

So why the update? Because I have a buffer. And later today, I'll be expelling it. So I can go day by day for JJ. Yeah so whoo. Daily updates again. Strap in and watch me flail. :3

Unfortunate Events

AKA I spilled orange juice on my stupid computer and killed it. Yep. Death by juice. SIGH. The good news is I still have a lappy that I had the foresight to install both Flash and my tablet software. THE BAD NEWS is everything I have ever done in the history of for ever ever is dead, gone and dead again. THE GOOD NEWS is I've uploaded enough pages to make it through to June, top off Chapter 3(the chapter that went on forever and not very long at the same time) and kick off Chapter 4. THE BAD NEWS is I may have some color issues in the near future as my pallet is cooked on my poor dead machine. Maybe not as I can probably nick the finished pieces off of this webbie. Buuut getting my nice uniform strips? Probably a thing of the past. I sigh and sigh and sigh again.

Well, enough moping. Time to soldier on, right? After all, four won't draw itself.

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