This is a simple tale of what happens when ideas get discarded and go looking for their purpose in life. Told through the eyes of a robot. ~Journey Completed~ (thanks for reading ^.^)

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July 20th, 2011, 8:25 am

Check check. Is this thing on?

*ahem* So. Not that many things have gone the way I want them to. Dead computer. Finicky new computer. Tablet deciding it hated everything and everyone. Flash dying. Fixing Flash. Flash refusing to work the way I want it to. A scanner that just flat out doesn't OBEY. And we're back in July.

I'm not giving up. I do need to finish this story. I'm about to start updating again, but I felt I needed to say a few things. One is that pretty much everything digital in the name of ever has been giving me issue upon issue. I'm far too impatient and a tad bit lazy not to beg and whine until I figure out what I can do to make digital media let me back into its heart. So there will be changes similar to but not the same as the last two pages. I'm not entirely proud of them either. The whole meaning of this was to get out a story.

Its helped me a lot in a lot of ways, and I thank you guys for sticking with me through this thing. Trust will be the last chapter. It pains me that I have to swap a lot of things at the last second, but still. I'm pretty satisfied.

Forward, yes?

posted by Nymine @ July 20th, 2011, 8:25 am


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